A Personality 10 Weeks Old tortoiseshell female kitten.Very friendly, played with by small children.Not used to dogs.Raised mostly outside. No vaccinations at this point.Located just outside Marathon city
Brother and sister kittens.UPDATE female kitten found new home.Raised mostly outside going through, under, over, and in things and doing all things kitten.Handled by small children constantly.No vaccinations or litter training at this point. Like going indoors.Not used to any dogs.Located in Marathon .Asking $20.ltbgt
Elmer was from a litter of kittens born in northern Wisconsin to a feral cat that had been adopted. He grew up in 1 home with my wife, me and our 2 sons (who were about ten and 12 when Elmer joined us.) We had 1 other cat at the time, an older cat that died within a year after. They got along fine, and Elmer has gotten along well with 2 other cats in our extended family. Both boys are now in co...
Did you know that there are ten rivers in Wisconsin? Actually, make that eleven because here I am! Hey there, I'm River! I'm a super sweet girl who came to the shelter with my siblings to no fault of our own. I LOVE to be with people, so if you're looking for a cuddly kitten who can grow into the cat of your dreams then you should ask to meet me today!
15,074 is the number of lakes in WI, but I could be your number 1! I came to the shelter with my siblings and am looking for my forever home! I LOVE to play, eat treats and cuddle up with those that I love! If you think that a kitten like me can fill your heart like I know that you can fill mine then you should ask to meet me today!
My name is Fruity Pebbles and I'll be your favorite part of waking up each morning. I can't wait for what comes next because I've heard that adoption is pretty nice. I'm your typical playful, cute and energetic kitten and I can't wait to grow old with you. I hope to see you soon!
Snap, Crackle, pop- adopt me! Hey there I'm Rice Krispie and I am here to steal your heart, much like rice krispies I am a fun playful cat but once you get to know me I become soft and mushy... with love! My Siblings and I came to the shelter after somebody found us and decided that we deserve the forever home of our dreams! If you are looking for a wonderful little kitten like me then you shou...
Got a adorable tooth? Then you've come to the right kennel! Much like Cocoa Puffs are the best cereal, I am the best kitten in this place! I love to play, eat treats and most of all snuggle up to the people I love, which could hopefully be you! If you think that you have the room and love in your home for a little guy like me then you should ask to meet me today!
Looking for a sweet, purrfect, sugary and cute kitten to adopt into your home? Well, I'm Gelato and I'm the prettiest kitten here at HSMC! I love to be pet, play with my toys and I would love to share my home with another kitty or two! If I could be the kitten for you come see me today!
Meow there, I'm Fantastic Sam and I'm ready to be your kitty in shining armor. I'm a precious boy that was found as a stray and now I'm on the search for my forever home. I'm very cute, cuddly and cute so I know I'm the kitten for you! Come visit me today!
There once was a kitten named Limerick. Who loved to play with his toys and Rick. He is very cuddly and soft. And when he is told he isn't adorable he scoffs. And that's why you should adopt Limerick.